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Hot air collector Oskar

Oskar - aircollector

Oskar is a aluminum profiles fabricated hot air collector in a slim, shapely body of 9cm depth.

Oskar 2.6
2000mm × 1295 mm, 2,59 m² collector surface, weight 57kg

Oskar 2.0
2000mm x 1000 mm, 2,0m² collector surface, weight 45,5kg

In Oskar only high-quality components are used – aluminum frame cabinet, toughened safety glass, silicone sealing strip, aluminum angle profiles, aluminum heat exchange surfaces, Alanod microtherm absorber plate, stainless steel screws, synthetic needle felt made ​​of polypropylene as insulation, and a Alucom composite panel as back wall. Oskar has two connectors on the back to a commercially available 125mm ventilation tube – one for heat recovery and one for the air supply.*

Oskar can be vertically or horizontally mounted on the facade or on the roof, coupled arbitrarily in series.

Oscar is completely maintenance-free, all kinds of wear parts such as fans or solar panel are external, in Oskar, there is nothing that can break under atmospheric influences.

Oskar can be connected to any existing ventilation system of a passive house and can be combined freely with your own fan solutions or solar panels – the collector only requires a minimum capacity of a fan – the connection may be freely according to your own ideas.

Oskar - module out

The modules

For the motor unit you can decide – Solar module or transformer to the house mains – the pros and cons we have described.

The motor units contain a Papst axial fan with 338m ³ / h, a digital temperature switch with display of the collector temperature, a 12V fan-potentiometer, powered by a Weiss 12V DC 2A transformer. The performance of the 338 Papst fan is 4900U / m, 58dB, 19W power consumption.

Oskar - module through

The hot water unit ready for connection to an Oscar solves the problem of all previously offered hot air collectors with summer operation – what to do with the heat in the summer?

If heating is necessary in the summer you ventilate the room with warm air, if it is too warm in the room, you are converting to hot water mode.

Oskar - Warmwassereinheit

Oscar produces with the heat exchanger unit 1.2 KW warm water, with 60 degrees controlled pumped off with a booster pump to a hot water boiler, the return air stream goes back to Oscar.

heat exchanger
Download mbw_oskar.pdf - 166 kB

All modules are designed for one Oscar unit. Adjustable via a potentiometer in the power motor units with 250/338 m³ / h, you can customize your heating needs individually on site to your circumstances and for a heat exchanger.


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