Oskar - quick view

Oskar - hot aircollector

Oskar – sizes

Oskar 2.6:
2000mm × 1295 mm, 2,59 m² collector surface, weight 57kg

Oskar 2.0:
2000mm x 1000 mm, 2,0m² collector surface, weight 45,5kg

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Oskar – capacity

Oskar 2.6:
max. 1,8 KW capacity with 66% efficiency

Oskar 2.0:
max. 1,3 KW capacity with 62% efficiency

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Oskar – description

Oskar can be vertically or horizontally mounted on the facade or on the roof, coupled arbitrarily in series. The optimal angles for an Oscar-air collector is about 70 degrees.

Oskar is completely maintenance-free, all kinds of wear parts such as fans or solar panel are external, there is nothing in Oskar that can break under atmospheric influences.

  • Oskar is independent of any existing heating system or any available power source.
  • Oskar has no liquids that can freeze ore boil.
  • Oskar reacts immediately – already at 20 ° collector temperature each additional degree means direct heating.
  • Oskar is to be used directly without costly technology and any maintenance costs.
  • Oskar´s inovation is the optimized air flow and the new heat-change in the collector.
  • Oskar offers fakultativ a ready to use hot water module that provides an efficient use in summer mode.

Oskar can be connected to any existing ventilation system of a passive house and can be combined freely with your own fan solutions or solar panels – the collector only requires a minimum capacity of a fan – the connection may be freely according to your own ideas.

In comparison to our Oskar and our measurement series you can find the data of the test lab Delta Test Laboratory from 17.07.2013 with the hot aircollectors Scansun Model XL27, Solar Venti SV14 und Grammer Twinsolar 1,3.

Delta Test Laboratory
Download delta_test_report__solarventi-grammer-scansun_2013.pdf - 525 kB

Oskar is protected by patent:

utility patent Oskar


A promotion by BAFA is still pending.


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