Oskar - the principle

How does hot air collector Oskar work?

Oskar principle

A hot air collector is supposed to deliver the sun heated air as possible without losses, and at the same time with a high m³ continuously air flow – This was the task that is based on the history !

Cold outside air – or depending on the application – indoor air of the building – is first conductet through a combined suction / exhaust duct to the front of Oskar under the cover plate made ​​of tempered safety glass upward to reach the section behind the absorber plate and assumes on the way through the specially shaped aluminum tubes with approximately 8 m² corrugated surface effectively heated air. An insulation to the side and to the rear wall substantially prevents radiant heat, the air-tight sealing in the heating area for intake and pre-heating above the absorber plate guarantees an efficient use of all available heat.

Oskar - air duct


Operation via solar module
A solar panel provides completely cost-neutral electricity for fans and control. Advantage – no operating costs, disadvantage – shading by clouds shorten the possible use of Oscar.

Operation via household power supply
A 220V transformer supplies the power for the fan and control – the residual heat when shading by clouds is used efficiently. Advantage – the operating time is extended and all the heat produced in the Oscar is used, disadvantage – low electricity costs depending on fan size.

In both cases, a temperature difference controller determines, if heat is present in the Oskar. Optionally, cold outside air for heating (one-pipe connection), or the indoor air (two-pipe connection) can be used.

  1. Operating in cottages, summer houses, greenhouses, sheds, barns, etc.
    This is excellent for the solar solution with one-pipe connection – whether with your own solar panel and fan or the module offered fan-package – Oskar operates independently of any power supply. The priority here is the supply of fresh, Oskar by heated outdoor air into the building, heating the building, and simultaneously avoiding damp problems, mold or musty smell.
  2. Operating in the owner-inhabited property
    Here is the operation on 220V mains of the house and the two-pipe connection of advantage, The existing building air is fed into the Oskar, by the higher temperature the heat yield is increased considerably. Especially when using * Oscar * for warm-water-supply in the summer, when the warm air can not be guided into the building, but through an air heat exchanger connected to the hot water tank, power supply and the second tube as a simple pass is necessary.
Oskar - air heat exchanger

Oskar in the summer – use of solar heat for hot water!

Oscar can be equipped with a ready to use hot water module, connected to a hot water boiler, and now uses even in summer the produced heat meaningful.


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