Aircollector Oskar

Are you rid of rising prices for energy, without being able to do anything against it? Are you looking for a affortable and a convincing option, being able to save energy in future without high-tech equipment and not depending to changing feed-in compensations, being a pure selfsupporter?

Then you will make a find here – with Oskar!


With each full hour sunshine Oskar as an additional heating offers, depending on location and solar radiation of the season, a maximum of about 1.8 KW free energy to your home, without complicated technical installation or controls, without connection to any existing heating systems. Operated with a solar cell, or connected with low power consumption to the home network Oskar provides you a better energy balance!

Oskar is just and only an auxiliary heater that works only whenever sun shines – but then extremely effective.

The more sunshine hours your region offers, the more return provides hot aircollector Oskar, and you save a lot of your heating costs!

There is also a ready to install hot water module available for Oskar with 1.2 KW, which converts the sometimes not usable summer heat to hot water.

An old technique is revised and up to date now being implemented in a modern collector, completely designed from non-rotting materials!

Oskar fits with a timeless design to every home – and wins with daily new visual effects in the sun, caused by the specular reflection from the surfaces of the absorber film.

We invite you to participate in a development, that offers a lot of potential for a future energy supply. We explicitly call on for private replica – but the concept remains protected by copyright – so there is no permission to any commercial replicas. For private need we are happy to share our knowledge and development on this site!

Follow us to the aircollector world of Oskar!


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